Agricultural Equipment

The demand is high for castings of all kinds within the agricultural machinery market. We pride ourselves on being highly experienced in the field and able to offer products and deliver on projects efficiently and cost effectively.

Barron-Clark Castings have been working with equipment manufacturers to provide agricultural machinery castings for many years. Cast components can be cheaper to produce and can provide enhanced performance.

Medical Equipment

Barron-Clark Castings have developed a wide range of aluminium castings for numerous applications within the medical sector.

Having worked on projects for this sector over a number of years we have developed a wide range of medical aluminium based castings for various applications. From general castings for operating theatre equipment to the more unique castings for more specialised equipment. We have worked across the board to create products and projects to the exacting standards that products for this industry have to be.

Historic Racing

We pride ourselves in our extensive involvement in this industry. We have over 50 years experience providing aluminium casted components for the automotive industry.

Our vast experience manufacturing automotive aluminium castings means we can deliver projects cost effectively and on meet deadlines.

Electronics Industry

Barron-Clark Castings have vast experience in this industry enabling us to produce parts that meet the stringent standards necessary for the electrical Industry today.

From offering products like battery housings to larger projects our techniques allow us to achieve these criterias and deliver reliable components.


Barron-Clark Castings has worked for many years in the marine industry producing specific bespoke and low volume aluminium castings.

Our  methods allow us to deliver cost effective projects with realistic timescales. We can also satisfy smaller demands whilst being very competitive on price.

Military Equipment

In the manufacture of casting components for the defence industry our expertise and experience are invaluable in producing high integrity aluminium castings for use within this industry.

Our cast aluminium components are analysed and tested so our clients in this industry can be satisfied that our castings meet the standards necessary for whatever the project and needs of the component may be.

Rail Industry

Barron-Clark Castings has a commitment to quality and consistency that has allowed us to build a reputation within industries where high integrity components are required.

We have been a supplier of castings for use in the rail industry for many years, providing a variety of components on a number of projects.

Oil and Gas Industry

Barron-Clark Castings  have worked within the energy sector for many years, delivering components and projects to their exacting requirements.

Our aluminium castings pass the highest scrutiny and our accuracy and surface finish on gravity die  sand casting is ensured to be high due to our exacting processes and management of our projects.

Street Furniture

Barron-Clark Castings  have produced numerous items of street furniture for a range of clients. Including traditional items from bollards, post & rail, tree grilles, tree guards, seats and benches to more bespoke individual pieces from gates to gazebos.

Cast aluminium street furniture is the ultimate in traditional styled furniture, designed to enhance the aesthetic and functional value of any location along with having the flexibility to work well in an urban or rural environment.

Food Industry

Barron-Clark Castings have  include everything from the food and bakery industry working on a number of projects. Our expertise and vast experience has enabled us to cater for all manners of projects in this industry, always delivering a cost effective solution with a realistic timescale


We have the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship, built up over many years and projects that allows us to work closely with architects, designers, artists and sculptors to create a wide variety of creative and architectural castings.

These projects or pieces can often be to highly unusual or exacting specifications. The flexibility and the willingness of our team to pass on their experience in casting unique items, has allowed us to turn creative visions into reality across a great variety of projects.

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