Aluminium Sand Casting

Our Aluminium Sand Casting foundry in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire uses the latest airset sand moulding processes which enable us to meet each and every customer’s individual aluminium sand casting requirements.

The process produces sand moulds of considerable strength varying in sizes from 6″ square up to 6 metres in length, without the need of steel moulding boxes. Kiln dried Congleton 80 grade sand mixed mechanically with a resin binder and one of numerous hardeners is poured into a single/multiple impression pattern. Once the sand has been hand rammed into every corner and the remainder strickled off, the mould is left to set.

Airset sand moulding setting time is dependent on the hardener used, a one minute hardener for a small mould, such as an elbow and a thirty minute hardener for a large mould, such as a 20ft ring beam. After setting the pattern is lifted from the mould, if any cores are required they are carefully placed into the prints and the mould is closed ready for casting. A number of years ago our foundry had a brand new reclamation plant installed which allows us to reclaim 90% of the sand used.

Moulds are broken down into fine grains and 60% virgin sand is added to maintain strength and quality. This process helps us to make savings for our customers by reducing the amount of waste sand we have to have collected. It is also a considerable benefit to environmental issues by reducing waste.

Automotive Aluminium Sand Casting

For over 60 years Barron-Clark Castings has specialised in producing prototype and production aluminium sand casting for the automotive industry.

More recently we have invested a lot of time and money into reverse engineering many parts for the historical motor sport industry with excellent results. Working closely with our clients we have been able to reproduce many obsolete parts. Including cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, manifolds, covers, uprights etc all without conventional 2D drawings.

By obtaining all the relevant dimensions from the original casting we are able to produce new foundry pattern equipment. Including shrinkage and machining allowances.

With the ever increasing demand for high accuracy and shorter lead times we are also able to produce prototype and production castings from many cad cam data formats using local CNC time served patternmakers.

Architectural and Street Furniture Aluminium Sand Castings

At Barron-Clark Castings Cambridgeshire we have been producing architectural aluminium sand casting for over 50 years. Both for restoration and new build. Finished parts can be supplied ‘as cast’ wet painted or powder coated to customer specifications.

We have the ability and facilities to cast complex and decorative items up to 6.00 metres in length or 3.00 metre wide, with weights up 200kgs.

The castings we produce on a regular basis are columns, bollards, balustrades and panels, stair treads, spandrels, roof trusses, ringbeams, gates, finials, friezes, windows.

aluminium sand casted engine parts

plaque using aluminium sand casting

automotive sand casted part for Lotus

cylinder block made using aluminium sand casting

aluminium plane sculpture

die cast fan part

Benefits of Aluminium Sand Casting


Low capital investment means that short as well as long production runs are viable.


The use of sand cores allows for fairly complex shapes to be cast.


Large components can be produced.


Sand moulds are relatively easy to produce and cast.


Moulding sand can be reclaimed.


Design modifications are fairly straight forward to implement.


In some cases castings can be produced from customer supplied parts or models.

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